Dentistry for Anxious Patients

Relaxation Dentistry in Wake Forest, NC

We know that many people fear going to the dentist for a variety of reasons. This, unfortunately, leads to some patients avoiding the dentist entirely, which can create larger and more significant dental problems. If this sounds similar to your situation, you are not alone and we encourage you to make an appointment with our gentle and caring dental team to discuss your concerns. 

"What If I’m Nervous to Visit the Dental Office?"

At Upton & Baker DDS, we help patients with dental anxiety conquer their fears every day. People anxious about visiting the dentist usually fall into one of four categories and our office has solutions for any of them:

“I just can’t relax in the dental office.”

Relaxation begins with a calm, caring environment where you feel in control. Our goal is to help you feel less stress and make you as comfortable as possible during each dental visit, so we offer:

  • Various anti-sensitivity or numbing agents for cleanings
  • Nitrous oxide or “Laughing gas”
  • Oral sedation medications (like Valium or Xanax)
  • Longer appointments (if needed) to go at your own pace
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Caring and gentle staff

“I am afraid that the treatment will be painful or uncomfortable.”

Gone are the days where patients must grit through discomfort or pain while receiving dental treatment. Modern anesthetics and numbing agents have become incredibly effective and our entire dental team prides themselves on being gentle, caring, and providing pain-free dental care. 

“I haven’t visited a dentist in a long time and I’m embarrassed.”

Our office is judgment-free and our patients have nothing to be embarrassed about. Helping patients in need is what we love to do and the entire reason we are here. 

“I’m afraid I can’t afford the things I might need.”

Our office strives to offer excellent value for your dental dollar. We do this by avoiding over-treatment and providing high-quality, conservative dental care that lasts and doesn’t need to be frequently redone. We work with all insurance companies and offer payment plans and other financing options for patients who need to spread out the cost of treatment. Find out more information about our financial policies by clicking here.